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How To Prevent Dental Emergencies

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Dental emergencies are painful and will affect your day-to-day life if they are not resolved right away. For example, if your tooth is knocked out during practice, you will have trouble eating, sleeping, and even training. You can avoid such problems by following these measures:

Wear Protective Gear

If you are going to play games, especially a contact sport, ensure you wear a mouthguard. Don't try to box or play football without a mouthguard in place. You are at a higher risk of injuries when playing contact sports; therefore, ensure that you take precautions. You can get a generic mouthguard from stores or request your dentist to custom-make a mouthguard that is comfortable and fits you perfectly. 

Schedule Dental Checkups 

Schedule regular checkups with your family dentist at least once every six months. Some of the dental emergencies that many people experience are preventable through regular checkups. For example, your dentist can detect a cavity in its infancy stages and recommend remedies before it causes tooth decay. The dentist can also examine your teeth to determine if you need to change your lifestyle to avoid dental emergencies.  

Be Mindful of Your Diet

Your teeth are sensitive to sugar; thus, the more you consume sugary food, the higher the chances of getting dental cavities and decay. You don't have to avoid sugary food entirely, but you can regulate how much you consume. Also, if you consume sugary food, ensure that you brush immediately after or within a few hours. 

Your Teeth Aren't Tools 

Although it looks cool to open bottles with your teeth, it is not a good idea. Many people have lost or chipped teeth trying to open soda and beer bottles with their mouths. There are tools and other DIY tricks to open bottles. 

Your teeth have very limited uses, and opening bottles is not one of them. Use the appropriate tools to cut, crack, or open whatever you want. Remember, your teeth may be strong but not good enough to use as tools. 

Seek Dental Treatment 

Like most people, you will often opt to not seek medical attention, even when you need it. However, when dealing with dental problems, it is better to seek medical attention from your family dentist. 

Don't ignore your dental problems, even something like a toothache. You can get rid of the pain via medication, but it won't solve the problem unless you seek dental care. Your current problem could lead to a more severe dental emergency if left untreated. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a local dentist.