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What Are The Benefits Of Taking Your Child To An Orthodontist?

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Whenever people think of orthodontic care for children, they associate it with braces. While this isn't wrong, it's essential to understand that orthodontic treatment benefits kids in many ways. Generally, dentists recommend bringing a child for their first orthodontic evaluation when they are about seven years old to address any potential issues early enough and ensure a child has a healthy smile. Unfortunately, most parents still don't understand why their children should be brought to an orthodontist as their dental system is still developing, and few baby teeth are remaining. This post will share benefits your child will get when they visit an orthodontist.

They Identify Missing or Extra Teeth

During the first visit to an orthodontist, they will conduct a series of exams that involves taking pictures and x-rays.  One of the objectives is to identify problems like missing or extra teeth so the necessary actions can be taken to keep the oral development on track. Sometimes, you may think your child's tooth is missing, only to realize they're too slow to erupt. Some teeth may be extracted in case of crowding, or your child may need to wear braces, a retainer, or a space maintainer. Regardless of the extra or missing teeth problem, your orthodontist will offer quality service to fix your little one's smile.

They Guide Jaw Growth

At times, a child may need orthodontic treatment to facilitate proper jaw growth. This ensures that the teeth have a strong and reliable foundation and a proper bite. If the orthodontist notices that your child has jaw growth issues, they'll use special orthodontic appliances for guiding jaw growth. This way, your child's jaw will develop correctly at an early age.

They Guide Tooth Eruption

As mentioned earlier, some missing tooth cases occur because of a delayed eruption. If your child has this problem, then you will need to bring them to an orthodontist. An x-ray will be taken to identify what's happening underneath the gum line. If they realize that the teeth lack enough room to grow or will come in at odd angles, the right treatment will be provided for the best outcome.

They Help Break Bad Habits

Many kids like practicing bad oral habits like thrusting the tongue or sucking the thumb. While it might not seem like a problem at the beginning, you can be sure this will change the jaw shape and cause misaligned teeth. Luckily, different orthodontic treatments can help fix such habits. The sooner the problem is dealt with, the less the effects it will cause.

Allowing your child to see an orthodontist will offer many benefits as outlined above, so make sure you don't overlook this recommendation. After all, you want your child to have strong and healthy teeth, so it's better to do the needful as early as possible.