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You Should Never Avoid Dental Cleanings Because Of These So-Called "Good Reasons"

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Some consumers concoct many excuses for missing their dental cleanings and exams. Perhaps you are a person who has skipped a few yourself, and at this time, you may even be overdue for yours. Skipping this important part of your oral hygiene could result in some significant issues if it becomes a habit or the time between these appointments gets too lengthy. The following are some of the excuses you may be using for not scheduling your dental exams and rebuttals that should make you want to get to the dentist as soon as possible.

Tight Budget

Today's times have made it possible for people with various economic backgrounds to get access to basic dental care, which is what dental cleanings and exams are. Many dental plans and insurance providers consider these services as preventative and do not charge co-pays for them. Perhaps you do not have a dental plan or insurance. Some dentists offer new patient pricing at reduced rates. You might also be able to visit a local college with a dental hygiene program and get your teeth cleaned. There are even finance options for dental services. Some dentists may do their own in-house financing, and there are also options to apply for credit from third-party creditors to cover the cost of dental services. 


You might be one of many people who avoid dental appointments due to anxiety. Dentists are much more aware of this sensitive patient topic nowadays. There are a number of options available to help patients relax. Sedation dentistry is one example. There are also distraction techniques that have been used successfully in dental settings. Older dentistry equipment and techniques such as drilling may not be used on patients who have dental phobias. For example, some dentists use special lasers to remove tartar. Lasers are quieter, less painful, and exert pressure minimal pressure in comparison to some older dentistry methods.

No Cavities

You may feel as though you can postpone getting your teeth cleaned because you do not have any cavities. It is important to note that sometimes people have cavities that cannot be seen with the naked eye. For example, early tooth decay may not exhibit itself as black discolorations. If you wait until you can see or feel the signs of decay, you may also have other serious oral health issues such as gum disease present. Dental cleanings and exams will serve as a means of early detection for decay and other potential problems.