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Are Dentures Right For You?

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If you have recently lost some teeth or expect that you will lose some in the near future, then you need to start thinking about tooth replacement. There are a number of different solutions out there, but not every choice is best for every person. One such option is to get dentures, which you are probably familiar with already. However, you might not know how they really work and what advantages they bring to the table. To help you out with that, here is an overview of dentures:

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable devices that act as replacement teeth while they are in your mouth. They can usually be added and removed at will.

Dentures can be fitted to your exact condition, which means that your dentures can cover as many or as few teeth as you need to have replaced. There are also a variety of materials to choose from, ranging in price, durability, and comfort.

What are the different types of dentures?

For starters, you have full and partial dentures. Full dentures will cover either your entire upper or lower jaw, which is necessary in cases where you have lost the majority of your teeth. Partial dentures are for cases where you are only missing a few teeth.

Porcelain is a good choice if you are willing to invest a bit of money and want to get the most durable dentures. If you want to save money, then resin might be a better choice.

How do dentures compare to implants?

Ultimately, dentures will cost you a lot less than implants in general. While implants cost upwards of $2000 per tooth, dentures cost anywhere from $600 to $3000 for a full mouth. This means that you can usually cover an entire mouth of missing teeth with dentures for less money than it would take to replace a single tooth with an implant.

Of course, dentures don't offer the same durability and level of comfort as implants in general, but dentures are also a little less risky. With implants, there is the possibility that something could go wrong when drilling in your jawbone.

How do dentures compare to dental bridges?

Dental bridges require some very specific circumstances to function, and if you do not have available anchor teeth, then you can't even install a dental bridge. Dentures have no such restrictions, and can be installed as long as you are missing teeth. Contact a company like HP Family Dental for more details.