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What Are The Biggest Pediatric Dentistry Concerns?

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Dentists for kids work with parents to address numerous issues. Handling these problems early can set a child up for good dental health for the rest of their life. You should know about these four pediatric dentistry concerns.

Early Cavities

Intervening with early childhood cavities is about more than preventing tooth loss. The channel that directs a developing baby tooth into the mouth also will serve as the path for a child's adult tooth. If a kid loses a baby tooth, especially in their early years, it can cause the canal to deform or disappear. This can significantly affect how their adult tooth eventually comes in.

Prolonged use of bottles or sippy cups is a major cause of cavities in pediatric dentistry. Do not allow a kid to sleep with one in their mouth. The main concern is that the contents of the drink can stay in contact with the teeth, creating an ideal environment for the bacteria that cause many cavities.

Also, it's important to rotate in some water between drinks. This will help to cleanse the child's teeth, especially if they just drank something more acidic like juice.

Scheduling Visits

Once your child's first tooth starts coming in, schedule a visit to a dentist's office. Dentists for kids can see how a child's teeth are coming in and offer interventions if there are any problems. They also can explain how to brush a little one's teeth.

Even if a kid doesn't have any dental issues, it's a good idea to acclimate them to the office and the dentist. This reduces the risk that they'll have dental anxiety later in life. Lower dental anxiety means they'll be more likely to make and keep appointments as they become adults.

Dental Damage

Dental trauma can cause many of the problems associated with early childhood tooth loss. Also, facial injuries can lead to undetected maxillofacial injuries that affect where the mouth joins the skull. If your kid suffers an injury to the mouth, head, or jaw, you should contact visit the emergency room right away and schedule a follow-up visit at a pediatric dentistry practice.


Sweets and processed grains can create numerous nutritional problems that affect kids' teeth. These nutrition issues can prevent teeth from developing well. Over time, the effect compounds as cavities and tooth misalignment appear. A dentist can help you develop a nutritional plan that promotes good oral health by avoiding certain foods and offering others.

For more information about pediatric dentistry, contact a local office.