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How a General Dentist Can Help You Properly Deal with Cavities

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One of the more common dental problems people have to face today is a cavity. It can develop when your tooth starts to decay. As long as you see a general dentist who can do the following things, this dental issue won't be difficult to resolve.

Remove All of the Decay

To ensure that you don't have to deal with future dental issues after treating a cavity, your general dentist should remove all of the decay on the affected tooth. They'll do this with a drill, and because of their years of experience and formal training, they'll be precise with the tooth material that they permanently remove.

Then you'll have an opening in your tooth that will be filled in. As long as none of the decayed portions of your tooth remains, this cavity treatment will hold up a long time with proper care and routine inspections.

Place Filling Perfectly

One of the most important parts of treating a cavity in a tooth is filling in the portion that was removed. This will give the tooth added structural stability and thus let you do things with it that you normally would. If you hire a general dentist to handle the cavity, you can trust the filling will be placed perfectly.

That's because your dentist will have you bite down on a mold after the filling is formed, allowing them to see if the filling has the proper form. If it doesn't, they can make adjustments until it's perfect, then cure it with UV light. 

Continue to Check on Filling

After you have a cavity treated by a general dentist, they will continue to check on your filling to make sure it's holding up as it should. They can make sure it hasn't shifted out of position or degraded prematurely, for instance. 

If there are any issues with the filling, they can perform adjustments. This way, the affected tooth is never left vulnerable for a long time. All you need to do is schedule appointments with your general dentist at the right intervals. 

Cavities aren't the most pleasurable thing to face with your teeth, but they don't have to cause you severe anxiety as long as you seek professional treatment from a general dentist. They have the knowledge, tools, and skills to remove decay and replace it with a filling. Then you can go back to your life without worrying about your dental health. 

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