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What Sort Of Recovery Procedure Do You Follow Once Implant Crowns Are Added?

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Dental implants are really helpful if you're missing a tooth and not doing well with dentures or a bridge. But the process to get an implant is intense, and finally reaching that last stage where the permanent crown is added is a relief. Then, of course, you remember that there could be recovery time involved. Luckily, the recovery procedure you have to follow after getting the permanent crown added is very easy and consists mainly of being cautious. 

Once the Crown Is on, There's Nothing Major Left to Do

The good news is that once the permanent crown is on, there's really nothing major left to do and no major recovery time needed. The crown goes over an abutment that was placed on the implant portion in your jaw; it doesn't go any further into your gums or jawbone. You may want to take the day off after the final appointment to relax because this is another step in a very involved and intense dental procedure. But the recovery time after getting that final crown is almost zero, save for a little caution that otherwise doesn't impact your daily life.

Do Be Careful Chewing on That Side for a Bit

Once the permanent crown is in, the dental implant procedure should be finished, and you should be able to act as if you had a regular permanent tooth. However, you may want to wait a few days before chewing on that side; your dentist can give you more guidelines. It's always good to give a dental procedure some time to settle, so to speak. Let that side of your mouth rest for a short time to let it get used to having the crown. After that, do be careful chewing anything hard because crowns can break if placed under too much pressure.

Watch for Signs of Irritation and Report Any Pain

Adding the permanent crown should be a relatively gentle process, but do keep an eye out for signs of irritation; these could indicate some adjustment needs to be made to the edge of the crown. If you feel any pain, let the dentist know immediately. It's one thing to be a little sore after a procedure, but the final crown addition for a dental implant should not cause pain, especially days after the procedure is complete.

If you've been using dentures and bridges and want to make the leap to a permanent dental implant, speak with your dentist about the options available. Implant surgeries and timelines can vary, and the dentist will help you choose the right one for your situation.