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Need A Root Canal? Know How To Be Prepared

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Are you scheduled to have a root canal performed on one of your teeth? If so, there is going to be some preparation that you'll need to do prior to the procedure taking place. Be sure to do the following things to ensure a successful root canal.

Take Your Antibiotics

The common reason for a root canal is due to some sort of infection within a tooth, such as a dental abscess. This happens because you have a deep cavity that caused an infection in the tooth's root. In fact, the pain caused by this infection is likely what caused you to visit the dentist and have the tooth inspected. 

In situations where a root canal is needed due to an infection, you'll be prescribed an oral antibiotic to take prior to the procedure. The goal is to help eliminate the infection to make it easier to have the root canal performed. Don't make the mistake of no longer taking your prescription if you feel the pain go away since you need to take the full prescription for the antibiotic to be effective.

Have Pain Medication Ready

The root canal procedure will cause you to experience some pain. Don't wait for pain to occur to treat it with a pain reliever. Take that medication prior to the procedure to ensure that you feel comfortable after it is over. Many people make the mistake of waiting too long to get their pain medication, which can lead to hours of pain as they wait to take it and for the medication to kick in.

Just make sure that you check with your dentist about what medication you plan to take. For example, ibuprofen is a pain reliever that helps to reduce swelling, but your dentist may know if it is not safe to use with the anesthesia that they plan on using with you. 

Follow Eating Instructions

Your dentist will likely give you some instructions as to what you should eat before the root canal procedure. This is more common when using a form of anesthesia that will knock you out completely. You'll be told not to eat anything for a specific amount of hours before your procedure to reduce the risk of vomiting. 

Looking for more tips on how to prep for your upcoming root canal? Reach out to your dentist prior to having the procedure performed. You may be surprised about what you need to do.