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3 Reasons Why You Might Need A Dental Crown

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You might have heard of people getting dental crowns, but not really understand why people need them. Dental professionals recommend dental crowns for all sorts of situations and dental care issues, so there are many reasons why you might need to get them yourself. These are some of the common reasons why dentists recommend dental crowns for their patients.

1. You've Waited Too Long to Get a Filling

If you think that you might have a cavity, it is important to see a dentist as soon as you can. This is important for a few reasons; not only can it help you avoid dealing with the pain, but it can also help you save your tooth. If you wait too long to have a cavity filled, then your dentist might suggest a dental crown. Cavities typically get bigger if they aren't taken care of, and a filling can only take up a certain amount of a tooth.           

2. You're Having a Root Canal Treatment

If you have recently been told that you will need a root canal in the near future, then you could be wondering about everything that is involved in the procedure. If you are having a root canal done you should also be prepared for a dental crown to be added to that tooth. This is because when a root canal is performed, your tooth is left hollow. If it is not covered with a crown, then you have to worry about food getting stuck inside the tooth and the tooth eventually rotting out completely. A dental crown that is placed on top of the affected tooth will make it easier for you to keep it safe and avoid pain.

3. Your Teeth are Damaged

Even if you don't have cavities, there is the possibility that your teeth could be damaged. They might be worn down from chewing, or you might have cracked or chipped a tooth during a fall. Whenever possible, your dentist will likely attempt to save your tooth. In some cases, depending on the extent of the damage to the tooth, your dentist might choose to save it by capping it with a dental crown.

The three examples above are just a few reasons why dentists might recommend adding a dental crown. In these situations and more, talk to your dentist more about whether or not dental crowns might be right for you.

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