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Want A Dental Implant? You'll Likely Have The Following Questions

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Anybody with missing teeth is likely looking for ways that they can fix the problem. While you can fill in those gaps using a dental bridge or partial denture, an implant can be the best way to restore a tooth to how it was before you lost it. Here are some questions you likely have about getting a dental implant.

What Makes A Good Candidate For A Dental Implant?

A visit to a dentist will tell you if you are a good candidate for receiving a dental implant. The dentist will perform a dental evaluation to look for potential problems that can make a dental implant a problem. It starts by looking at the health of your gums to make sure that you do not have issues with gum disease. The health of the bone in the area where you want the dental implant is also evaluated, since it needs to be able to support the titanium post that will integrate with it.

Your health history will also be evaluated, since people that smoke or have diabetes can have problems with receiving a dental implant. The body will not heal as quickly as it would normally be able to with these two issues, causing problems with the titanium post integrating.

Is A Dental Implant Expensive?

A dental implant isn't going to be cheap, but it can provide long lasting results that improve your quality of life. The implant is not going to slip out of place, easily break, or be removable once it is placed in your jawbone. This gives it many benefits over alternative methods that are worth the cost. The implant itself will cost as little as $2,400. There is also an additional cost for a bone graft if necessary and the dental crown that is placed on the titanium post.

What Are The Odds That A Dental Implant Fail?

There is a very small chance that something could go wrong with your dental implant after it is placed in your jawbone. Thankfully, there is a success rate of 98% when it comes to the dental implant procedure. This can give you confidence that you are making a great decision for your oral health.

A dental implant can provide many other benefits, such as improved speech and boosting your self confidence. Talk to a dental clinic such as Sun Dental for more information about how you can benefit from receiving a dental implant.