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Kids Not Excited About Their Dental Care? 3 Ways To Make It More Enjoyable

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If you have young children, now's the time to start teaching them about proper oral hygiene. You want your kids to enjoy a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth. The best way to ensure that they have that is to teach them how to care for their teeth while they're young. Teaching good oral hygiene habits doesn't need to be boring. In fact, there are a lot of ways that you can make the process fun for you and your kids. Here are a few fun ways you can get your kids excited about caring for their teeth.

Make it a Family Affair

Young children love to do things with their parents. Get your kids excited about caring for their teeth by making it a family affair. Beginning while your kids are young, spend time brushing and flossing as a family. Turn a fun song on, and listen to it while you brush your teeth. Not only will this be enjoyable for your kids, it will also teach them to spend enough time brushing. This will also give you the opportunity to make sure that your kids are brushing their teeth properly.

Get the Tooth Fairy Involved

If your kids are in the process of losing their baby teeth, use this opportunity to get the tooth fairy involved in the fun. Instead of having the tooth fairy drop off money for each lost baby tooth, ask the tooth fairy to deliver fun items related to healthy teeth and gums.

Healthy Snacks

While your child is little, have the tooth fairy drop off little packets of healthy snacks each time they lose a tooth. Your little ones will enjoy receiving snacks that they can enjoy each time they lose a tooth.

Hygiene Products

In addition to healthy snacks, have the tooth fairy leave new dental hygiene products each time your child loses a tooth. Perhaps the tooth fairy could drop off a new toothbrush for one tooth and a pack of flavored dental floss for the next tooth.

Plan a Special Day

Kids don't usually look forward to a trip to the dentist, which can create a long-term feeling of disdain for those semi-annual visits. You can ease this experience by finding a dentist who specializes in pediatric care, such as Brit E. Bowers, DDS, since these kinds of dental offices are geared towards children. You can also help kids look forward to those visits by planning a special day around them. Instead of just going to the dentist, plan a trip to the park afterwards. This will help your child learn to love those dental visits.