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Four Reasons Veneers Are A Good Fit For You

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When it comes to repairing your teeth, there are many options, which include veneers. While it's difficult to determine which repairs are going to be right for you, veneers provide some unique benefits that others will not. First off, veneers are made of porcelain, which means that they will stay bright and strong in your mouth and will be the closest to looking like your real teeth. Here are four more specific reasons why veneers are a great fit for you:

  1. You Have Permanent Staining: If you have any kind of permanent staining on your teeth that will not be removed with whitening treatments, then veneers are a great option. This is because they can be placed right on top of any teeth that are permanently stained to make your smile appear white and bright once again. 
  2. You Have Cracks: If you have any cracks on your teeth, veneers can also cover these up without you having to have those teeth removed and replaced. Remember, it's much better to keep your natural teeth in place rather than having them removed because it weakens the gums and jawbone. So if it can be avoided, then it's definitely a better option. 
  3. You Have Chipped Teeth: If you have any chipped teeth, veneers are also a good option because they will be made to make the natural tooth appear to be full again since it will hide that chip. This way, your smile appears even and straight to give you more confidence in your smile. 
  4. You Have Gaps: Many small gaps can be filled with the help of veneers. This definitely helps if you cannot afford to go through any kind of orthodontic treatment to take care of it. 

When you know these four reasons veneers could be a good fit for you, you can be sure that you go to the dentist knowing what your options look like. This way, you have a better idea of how to talk to your dentist about what you are looking to do. Keep in mind that your dentist may want to go into the process without other treatments depending on whether or not you have major issues that need to be corrected in some other way for health reasons. In this case, you can combine these treatments with the help of veneers to correct any cosmetic issues that may have been a result of the process of correction. 

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