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4 Rules For Taking Care Of Partial Dentures

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A partial denture is a removable denture that can replace teeth that are missing from your mouth. It can complement your natural teeth, allowing you to keep as many as possible. Getting a partial denture can empower you to feel fantastic about your smile, and it can also help you enjoy foods that you may have been missing due to dental issues. When you get one, however, you need to be proactive in taking care of it to stay healthy and keep it in optimal shape. Follow your dentist's advice and these rules, and you should be enjoying it for a long time to come.

Rule #1: Your Partial Denture Needs to Remain Moist

One common mistake that new denture wearers make is letting the partial denture dry. Unfortunately, if you do not keep your denture dry, it could lose its shape and no longer fit your mouth properly. Instead, be sure to soak the denture overnight in solution. Be sure to make and carry along a denture care kit if you plan on being any place overnight.

Rule #2: Use a Denture Cleaner That's Recommended by Your Dentist

It's essential that you keep your dentures consistently clean. Good hygiene will protect against infections, illness, and overall grossness when it comes to denture care. The American Dental Association's Seal of Acceptance is a good way to know that the denture cleanser has been betted by experts in the industry.

Rule #3: Never Put an Unrinsed Partial Denture in Your Mouth

Partial dentures should always be thoroughly rinsed before you put them in your mouth. Even if you have soaked the dentures in a solution overnight, you should not immediately then put them back in your mouth. Rinse the partial denture in warm water and you may then rinse it with mouthwash so that it feels refreshing to have it back in your mouth.

Rule #4: Don't Use Regular Toothpaste on Dentures

Your teeth are naturally designed to handle quite a lot of different things, and regular toothpaste is designed for teeth. Many people make the mistakes of trying to brush dentures with regular toothpaste, but it can be way too harsh on your dentures. Don't ever try to use regular toothpaste on them.

Finally, keep in mind that taking care of your partial denture will simply become a part of your overall oral care routine within a matter of weeks. Although you need to take care to be proactive in keeping your partial denture in optimal shape and maintaining awesome oral hygiene with it, there really aren't a lot of complicated demands involved with keeping your denture in great shape. It can help you have a great smile and enjoy the foods you have always loved. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Stillwater Dental Associates.