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Don't Want To Look Like An Ex-Boxer? Learn About Dental Restoration

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While you might think it looks cool (if you're a dude) to have a missing tooth, the novelty wears off eventually. Looking like you used to be a pro fighter is not exactly a look that most guys (and no gals) want. So if you have a missing tooth that you've been self-conscious about, it's time to get it fixed. Once it's fixed, you can go back to smiling.

Why Dental Implant Restoration Is Superior To Bridges

The best way to replace that tooth is to get dental implant restoration. Implants are super strong—much stronger than a dental bridge. The implant is secured to your jawbone. A bridge is just attached to the adjacent teeth. A dental implant is secured with a titanium screw, and a bridge is attached with an adhesive. The titanium screw is a much stronger method.

Another reason to choose an implant over a bridge is that you do not have to alter adjacent teeth that might be in fine shape. With an implant, a single replacement tooth is installed into the bone. With a bridge, the dentist will often have to adjust the teeth that sit on either side of the gap and file them down so that the bridge will fit securely. So, even if those teeth are perfectly fine, they will need to be fixed to fit a bridge.

Jaw Bone Consideration

One thing to take into account is if your jaw bone is in good shape. The dentist will take an x-ray and decide if the jaw bone has ample material to secure the tooth implant to the bone. If your bone has deteriorated, then you still have solutions. You can speak with your dentist about undergoing a bone grafting procedure. This procedure might use real bone or a synthetic material. The end result is that the jawbone will be built up and there will be more material for the titanium screw to be drilled into.

Dental Implant Upkeep

One of the things to keep in mind is that you need to be diligent about brushing and flossing your teeth. Just because you have a super-secure dental implant, it doesn't mean that you can be negligent about flossing. When a dental implant is placed in the jaw, there is not as much collagen barrier protecting the bone from infection. The dental implant will have an area called an abutment, but the body's natural collagen cannot attach to the implant. This lack of a natural protection is the reason you need to be extra careful about cleaning your teeth. You don't want to let food particles sit below the gum line because it will create bacteria that can lead to infection of the gums. 

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