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Asnwering Your Questions About Tooth Whitening Treatments

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Having a bright white smile is important for anyone's appearance. Yet, staining is a problem that many people will find themselves encountering. Unfortunately, some people will find that they are more susceptible to developing tooth stains. If this is the case for you, increasing your knowledge about the various teeth whitening options can be very beneficial.

Is Whitening Toothpaste Effective?

For those that are conscious about the whiteness of their smile, it can be easy to automatically choose whitening toothpaste. However, it is important to note that the benefits from this type of toothpaste are extremely mild. It will typically only be able to remove extremely minor and relatively new surface stains. This toothpaste works by using small abrasive particles to scrub the surface of the teeth. Unfortunately, these particles can damage the enamel on the teeth, which may be a factor that you want to consider.

Is It Safe To Use Home Based Whitening Kits?

Home teeth whitening kits are another popular option for individuals that are looking to whiten their smiles. These kits can be extremely effective at removing mild and old stains from teeth. However, if you are using one of these kits, you will need to make sure that you follow the application instructions precisely. It can be easy to make mistakes when using the bleaching agent, and this can lead to damage occurring to your enamel. If you want to avoid this risk, your dentist can provide you with a similar professionally administered treatment. In fact, your dentist's treatment may be more effective due to their ability to get more powerful bleaching agents than can be sold over-the-counter.

What Can Be Done To Correct Deep Stains On The Teeth?

There are some individuals that may have the misfortune of suffering from deep staining of their teeth. These stains can be the result of years of neglect, smoking, and numerous other causes. Unfortunately, conventional whitening solutions may not be very effective against this problem because they can not penetrate deep enough into the tooth. When you are suffering from this type of staining, you should be relieved to know that your dentist may still be able to correct this cosmetic problem through the use of laser whitening.

During laser whitening, your dentist will apply a special resin to the teeth. This resin will need to stay on the teeth for several minutes so that it can absorb into them before an intense laser is applied to the teeth. This laser will interact with the whitening solution, which will greatly enhance its ability to penetrate into the teeth.