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3 Tips For Avoiding Denture Stomatitis While Wearing Dentures

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Wearing dentures are a good way to make your smile appear more uniform. They can easily be removed and installed throughout the day. However, wearing your dentures too often can result in negative consequences. Denture stomatitis is an infection that is the result of wearing your dentures too often. This infection causes the gums underneath your dentures to become inflamed. As a result, it can be painful to chew and speak until your mouth fully heals. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use in order prevent denture stomatitis from developing in your mouth.

Remove Your Dentures At Night

It may be convenient to leave your dentures in your mouth at night. Or you may be too tired to remove them before bed. If you keep your dentures in your mouth at night, every night, then this can lead to an infection. The infection develops because bacteria hide underneath your dentures. While you sleep, this bacteria grows. By the time you are able to remove the bacteria your gums will be inflamed and in pain. Therefore, it is important to always remove your dentures before going to bed.

Soak Your Dentures In an Antibacterial Solution When They Are Not In Use

Dental devices have the ability to trap food, bacteria and other contaminants inside of them. This is especially true for dental devices like dentures that can be removed from your mouth. When you remove your dentures from your mouth, they should be placed in a denture cleaner or antibacterial solution. This will prevent you from transferring bacteria to your mouth when you reinsert your dentures.  If you do not have a denture rinse, then you can make a homemade mouth rinse using warm water and salt.

Clean Your Teeth After Every Meal

Practicing good dental care is important to protect the health of your dentures and the teeth around them. If you fail to clean your mouth immediately after a meal, then the food and bacteria that is still in your mouth will begin to build up. This buildup will eventually lead to tooth decay and a possible dental infection. Therefore, brush and floss after every meal in order to thoroughly remove any food debris, plaque and bacteria from your mouth.

In order to avoid denture stomatitis, it is important to make sure that your mouth and dentures remain clean at all times. Use these this to keep your mouth infection-free while wearing dentures.

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