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Are You Pregnant With Bleeding Gums?

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As if pregnant women didn't have to worry enough about with their changing bodies, they must not neglect their oral health during those 9 months. Pregnant women may discover that they have bleeding gums during their pregnancy. Is it something they should worry about? It's important to know what can cause it and how to treat it.

Why Do Gums Easily Bleed During Pregnancy?

Bleeding gums can typically be blamed on hormones. Progesterone and estrogen secrete during pregnancy, which cause the swelling of mucus membranes. It makes the mouth very easy to become irritated, which can cause bleeding. Pregnant women are also very susceptible to plaque and bacteria, with as many as 75% of expecting mothers having gingivitis during their pregnancy. It is caused by the increased inflammation that can make the bleeding to occur. Do not skip out on your dental checkups during your pregnancy to help prevent this from happening.

What Is A Pregnancy Tumor?

It's rare, but 5% of pregnant women can develop a pregnancy tumor, technically known as pyogenic granuloma. It sounds much worse than what it actually is, since it is more like a growth that contains immune cells rather than an actual tumor. Like other problems, it is caused by the hormonal changes that a pregnant woman goes through, typically during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. These tumors contain blood vessels, which is why they can easily bleed if they are irritated while brushing.

If you do develop a pregnancy tumor, know that the growth will most likely go away by itself. If the tumor is causing you difficulty when chewing, discomfort, or bleeding, a doctor can perform a surgical procedure to remove the tumor. Keep in mind that pregnancy tumors can return.

What Dental Care Should You Do At Home?

Practicing regular oral hygiene is the best way to prevent oral problems from happening during pregnancy. This includes brushing and flossing twice a day, as well as using mouthwash. If you do have symptoms of gingivitis, you can rinse with a simple solution of 1 cup water and 1 tsp. of salt.

Do not fear going to the dentist just because you are pregnant. Believe it or not, local anesthesia and X-rays are safe while you are pregnant. You may dread the dentist because you do not want to have these things done while pregnant, but you could be neglecting a problem that could affect the health of you and your baby.

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