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Seeing Your Dentist Is Good For Your Oral And Physical Health: 4 Diseases Your Breath May Uncover

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Did you know that your dentist can discover health problems by smelling your breath? It's true. There are certain health and dental problems that can alter the odors that come from your mouth. Here are just four of the medical and dental problems your dentist can discover through your breath.


Your dentist may be able to tell that your diabetes is out of control before you do. When diabetes is out of control, there isn't enough insulin in your body to provide glucose to your blood cells. As a result, your body begins creating something called ketones, which cause your breath to smell like fruit. Once your diabetes is back under control, your breath will go back to smelling normal.

Kidney Failure

Your kidneys flush toxins out of your blood and release those toxins through your urine. If your kidneys have stopped working properly, they won't be able to clear the toxins from your body.

As the toxins build up, they accumulate in other areas of your body, which can cause you to experience breathing problems. When that happens, your breath will take on a fishy smell that your dentist will be able to notice.

Sleep Apnea

While you're sleeping, your mouth continues to produce saliva. The saliva keeps your mouth moist during the night and washes out the bacteria that's accumulating beneath the gums and around your teeth.

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you may have difficulty breathing –which means you'll sleep with your mouth open. When you sleep with your mouth open, your body doesn't create as much saliva. As a result, the bacteria remains in your mouth and you end up with sour smelling breath.

Gum Disease

If you have gum disease, you have bacteria that's building up under the gum line. Not only that, but in advanced stages of gum disease, you develop pockets of pus around the root of the tooth. That bacteria and pus will cause your breath to smell extremely foul. Your dentist will be able to smell the bacteria even before they look in your mouth.

Seeing a certified dentist, like those at Malwin & Malwin Family Dentistry, twice a year is good for your teeth. Proper dental care prevents cavities and gum disease. But regularly scheduled dental visits can also be good for your overall health. This is particularly true when you consider that your dentist may be your first line of defense in discovering an underlying medical condition.