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Tooth Grinding And Children: What You Need To Know

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Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding, affects many children. Parents may feel a bit of despair and be overwhelmed not knowing what is causing this dental issue. There are some basic details you need to know to help make any decisions regarding your child's dental future.

What Causes Bruxism?

Bruxism can be caused by many things.  It can be a result of pain from an earache or a toothache. The pressure from pushing down on the teeth could potentially be relieving the pain for your child. In some cases, tooth grinding can be the result of stress or anxiety. Really young children may grind their teeth as part of the teething process. They are exploring the feeling of having new teeth in their mouth and the sensations they are experiencing.

Is Teeth Grinding Going To Cause Damage?

You may wonder if your child grinding their teeth can potentially lead to permanent harm. The immediate effects of bruxism include headaches and sore gums. Your child may be more tired than usual because they aren't getting a good night's sleep. If the problem isn't addressed and fixed, it can lead to the teeth being worn down or even broken. Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is a treatable condition that causes painful and limited mobility of the jaw bone as a result of teeth grinding.

Treatment Options For Bruxism

Treatment options for teeth grinding include occlusal splints and therapy. Occlusal splints are a type of mouth guard that is made from plastic and protects the teeth during any grinding. These devices are also known as night guards and bite plates. They are worn at night and are not permanent.

Therapy with a licensed psychologist may help children who grind their teeth due to anxiety or stress. Meditation, self monitoring and in some cases, hypnosis, have all shown to have varied degrees of success with teeth grinding.

Famous People Grind Their Teeth Too

Teeth grinding is something that affects people all over the world, including celebrities. Although not many famous people have disclosed having bruxism, George Clooney has admitted to having this dental condition as a youth. British model Katie Price has been open about having trouble with grinding her teeth at night. These celebrities sought help from dentists and have both seen improvements since then.

Children who suffer from bruxism are likely to suffer from headaches and sore mouth muscles. While teeth grinding can be annoying, it can be resolved with immediate action from your child's dental care provider.