Finding The Right Dentist for Your Kids

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Why Are Your Gums Receding? How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Help

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If your gums are receding, you may not like the appearance of your smile since you may have uneven enamel as tooth roots are exposed. Take a look at what may be causing your gum recession and how to treat it. What Causes Gum Recession? It’s natural for people to have a little recession as they age, but if your gums are receding a lot, there could be all sorts of causes, such as: Read More»

Children With Down Syndrome And The Risk Of Gingivitis

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People with Down syndrome typically have saliva with a higher alkaline concentration. This is actually beneficial, as it enhances the protective qualities of their saliva, often resulting in greater resistance to cavities. This doesn’t automatically mean that someone with Down syndrome will experience a higher standard of dental health, and they’re certainly not immune to gingivitis. How can you protect your child with Down syndrome from being affected by gingivitis and periodontal disease? Read More»