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3 Benefits You Can Expect When Your Child Is Seen by a Pediatric Dentist

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Many parents have noticed over the years that choosing a pediatrician is much easier than choosing a dentist for their children. While that is often because children see their pediatrician more than frequently they see a dentist, it can also be due to the fact that many kids don't actually see a dentist who specializes in the unique needs of children. Therefore, if you are planning to take your little one to the family dentist, it is a good idea to be aware of the following benefits associated with allowing him or her to be seen by a pediatric dentist instead.

#1-The Pediatric Dentist Office Will Normally Be Decorated to Appeal to Children

One notable difference between most pediatric dental offices and family dental facilities is often obvious as soon as you walk in the door and sometimes can be seen before doing so. The pediatric dental office will usually be decorated in bright colors, have seats that are appropriate for kids to use in the waiting area, and offer a plethora of toys, all of which are designed to make the office less scary and more fun than you might expect from a family dentist.    

Given that recent statistics have established that 42% of children have had at least one cavity in their lifetime and just over half of those kids had at least one untreated cavity at the time of the research, it only makes sense that making sure your child has a positive view of the dentist's office is of the utmost importance.   

#2-The Equipment the Dentist Uses Is Appropriate for Kids

One unfortunate problem that can manifest when children see a family dentist in lieu of a pediatric dentist is that the size of the tools, patient chairs, and similar items are not created for use on kids. Although those items are likely to be safe and usable, the fact remains that bigger items are often intimidating to young children. Since scared children normally require longer visits and their reaction to those problematic items can often carry over into the way they perceive dental care in the future, it is better to start them off in an environment that meets their needs.  

#3-A Pediatric Dentist Has Received Two or More Years of Extra Training

Since kids are not just smaller adults and frequently have different needs than their older counterparts, pediatric dentists are required to complete at least an extra two years learning their craft before they can see patients. That extra time may include educating them about working with kids and learning about common dental problems that frequently only apply to children, like decay from drinking a baby bottle and issues that arise after sucking a thumb or fingers. 

In conclusion, the dental care that your child receives now and their overall perception of seeing the dentist can have a dramatic impact on their oral health in the future. Therefore, it is very important to choose a pediatric dentist with whom your child is comfortable and the information shared above should clarify the benefits associated with doing so.